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Parent Testimonials

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Deep down inside I believe we all have a goal of pursing a higher education in one way or another.  Being a single young parent makes it difficult but not impossible to pursue such goals.  Beside the will to succeed as a parent and student/athlete, you need the time and especially the funds. It was very difficult for me, being time wasn’t on my side to have a job, go to school, fulfill my obligation as an athlete so that my school is paid for and fulfill my obligation as a mom. 

My son Triston attends Clemson Child Development Center (CCDC).  He enjoys going to school, seeing his friends & teachers, learning, playing games and singing songs etc.  Triston wasn’t always very social and open to people because most of the time it was just us two.  When I had to go to school or practice, he was with another adult and never had children around.  Therefore, he was lacking the social skills like learning to share and care for his peers or even talking to them. The staff at CCDC was so patient with him and it has made a great difference comparing him from before he started school and now. 

The cost of childcare was so discouraging; I didn’t think I was going to be able to get him in a school without putting a heavy burden on my family with all of our bills and then childcare. With the help of CCDC’s scholarship fund, I went from”I don’t know who’s going to watch my son today,” to knowing exactly where he will be and knowing he is happy to be there and getting the proper education that needs. Being able to afford to send Triston to CCDC allows me the time to continue to pursue my dreams of a higher education. I am very thankful for the financial help; I don’t know what I would do without it. Thanks CCDC!

Whitney Fountain

My name is Georgina Dukes. I graduated in May with a BS in Health Science. In the fall, I will attend the Medical University of South Carolina for a graduate degree. I have a 16-month old son who attends the Clemson Child Development Center.

Many people find it hard to believe that I have accomplished so much at Clemson University as a single mother, but the Clemson Child Development Center has been the momentum that has pushed me to where I am today! Becoming a mother to my son, Romeo, in the fall semester of my junior year had to be one of the most difficult and life changing moments that I have ever encountered. I was seriously considering dropping out of college to work and provide for my son because all the local daycare facilities cost approximately $130 a week and above. I knew that if I was to continue as a full time student, that I would not be able to afford that type of care for my son.

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I discovered the Clemson Child Development Center through a Google search, which led me to do some research and I stopped by for more information. On my first visit, I spoke to Mrs. Sharon about any openings and pricings for daycare. She explained the scholarship option for student parents and allowed me to be put on a waiting list. She assured me that everything would be okay.

The scholarship option has helped me afford high quality education for Romeo and still remain a full time student while also gaining service hours because of the volunteer requirement. Without the scholarship, I really believe that I would not be able to say that I am graduating this May. The Clemson Child Development Center has taken great care of my son. He is such a well-rounded individual now due to their teaching methods. Because I am a busy student mother, I find myself not having the time to go over certain milestones and ensure that Romeo is on the level that he should be but CCDC always kept everything in perspective for me.

I can have meetings with the teachers, who are very experienced and knowledgeable, and they keep me up to date on all of my son’s progress. The teachers tell me what I need to enforce at home and what I can do to better my son’s progress. Romeo is always coming home and surprising me with new words or gestures that I didn’t know he could do all because of the educational environment that CCDC has created for him. I cannot thank CCDC enough for all of their help throughout this difficult time in my life. Mrs. Sharon and her employees are really special people and have a calling for impacting children as well as parents’ lives.

With all sincerity, I truly don’t know where I would be without the Clemson Child Development Center. I feel blessed and honored to have made it to graduation because of CCDC caring about the future of student parents and education of my son. 

Georgina Dukes

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