Clemson Child Development Center

Wishes and Needs

Your donation of the items listed below will free up dollars that can be used elsewhere. Bring items to CCDC office: 216 Butler St., Clemson, SC.

Paper Products
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
8" plates and 7" bowls for afternoon snacks
Lunch size brown and white paper bags
5 oz. cups (no syrofoam)
Kleenex tissue
Child-size forks and spoons (no plastic)
Art supplies appropriate for ages 1 to 4

Cleaning Supplies
Lysol spray
Wet Ones
Hand sanitizer
Non-bleach laundry washing powder
33-gal. trash bags

Liquid hand soap

Kitchen Supplies
Wax paper
Ziploc bags
Aluminum wrap

Office Supplies
Copy paper (8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17)
3 tab folders
Tape for dispenser
Blank name tags
Labels (address and shipping)
Standard size staples
Pens (any color)
Poster board (any color)
Dry Erase markers

permanent markers

For info on making a donation click the link below or contact the CCDC office: 
864-654-3345 or
Donate to CCDC