Clemson Child Development Center

Parent Testimonials

As full time college students, we had difficulty arranging affordable childcare that worked with our schedules. We greatly appreciate the generous scholarship provided by the CCDC that helped our son to go to a full time daycare program at a cost we could afford. Because of the scholarship program, my wife was able to finish her degree and get a full time job, and I will soon follow. We have since graduated to regular tuition, and will happily remain at CCDC until our son starts school.

In addition to the scholarship program, CCDC has been an extraordinarily good ex- perience for our family. Our son had some delays in his speech development, and the teachers were very helpful in working with his speech therapist. Our son loves coming to school every day. We appreciate everything the CCDC does for us and the children and we are proud to be part of this community.

—Jason and Jennifer Anderson

Hello, my name is Tyler Barton. I’m a single mother of two precious kids, Ariana (2) and Troy Jr. (8 months). Both my kids have attended CCDC since the age of three months. They have developed great learning and social skills by attending the high quality child care program while I work. I work full time at Great Clips, getting paid minimum wage. Without the help of this center, I couldn’t work as much as I do in order to take care of them. I support them both on my own and this scholarship helps me out a lot. It’s been a hard year trying to keep my head above water since their dad and I separated and he no longer helps out. My kids and I greatly appreciate the help that this scholarship provides.

—Tyler Barton