Clemson Child Development Center

About the CCDC

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216 Butler Street,
Clemson SC 29631

A little history of CCDC
Founded in 1968 by the Chapter of the South Carolina Council on Human Relations, the Clemson Child Development Center (CCDC) primary purpose was to provide quality pre-school education to African-American children preparing  to enter the newly integrated school system.  In 1969, CCDC openned their doors to 20 children on 2.5 acres of wooded, landscaped property on McGee Street and remained there for 38 years. In February 2007 having outgrown the original facilities, CCDC moved to their present location, at the former Morrison Annex on Butler Street where they currently facilitate and educate 70 children.  

CCDC today
Today, CCDC is run by Clemson Child Development Center, Inc., a 501C(3) organization. The board of directors includes members from local congregations and the community at large. The student body is ethnically and socio-economically diverse. Staff members have experience in early childhood education and development and attend annual training programs. CCDC is licensed by the Department of Social Services and adheres to all child care and developmental standards required by the ABC Voucher System. 

The facilities at the current CCDC include classrooms, library, three playgrounds lunchroom within an auditorium, full kitchen, conference room, teacher’s lounge, and office areas. 

Staff includes 9 full time teachers, 4 part time teachers, and 5 office/ kitchen staff. Low pupil/student ratios provide the children with the individual attention they need.

  Caregiver to student ratios:
      Infant class:  1 caregiver to  5 children 
     1-year-old class:  1 caregiver to  5 children 
     2-year-old class:  1 caregiver to  7 children 
     3-year-old class:  1 caregiver to  11 children 
     4- & 5-year olds:  1 caregiver to  13 children 

Our students
CCDC accepts children from six week through four year kindergarten age, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, political beliefs, or handicap conditions.  

Around 70 children, coming from 60 families, are enrolled at CCDC. The Center fosters an environment of diversity. Currently ethnic diversity is 38% African American, 25% white, 25% Bi-racial, 2% Hispanic, 3% Pacific Islander, and 7% Asian. 

A typical day
The Center is open each week day from 7:00am to 5:30pm.  A nutritional breakfast is served at 8:00.  At 9:00 the children begin classroom instruction which continues throughout the day in both structured and unstructured settings.  The children are provided a nutritious lunch and an opportunity for rest.  Age level playgrounds are used for outdoor play and a large screened in play area is used during inclement weather.